Bask in the sunny private beach after thrilling water adventures.

Aquaventure Waterpark, full of thrill and water adventure

Aquaventure Waterpark is full of excitement and fun. The waterpark has the world’s largest water slide called Aquaconda. The park is situated at the magnificent Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah. Stunning sea waves outside the park will welcome you to have the most thrilling fun and adventure in the aqua-park. Iconic Dubai offers pick and drop services in a luxury car to make your trip more enjoyable.
There is a famous ‘’Tower of Poseidon’’, which is named after a Greek mythological god Poseidon who is referred as  the King of the Sea. So get ready for the great battle in the cool waves and sharpen your swords. The tower is full of fun, wondrous rides and adventurous water slides. There is another giant serpent slide, the Aquaconda that is the world’s longest water slide.
Zoomerango is a sensational water slide, where you will experience the weightlessness full of thrill and excitement. There is a dual water slide Slitherine that will take you down with twists. Shark Attack is the mysterious trip into the lagoon of sharks and there is another thrilling water venture, The Leap Of Faith. It is a 9-storey majestic slide, you pass down an acrylic tube and drop into the pool of cownose rays and sharks in a split of a second. There are Water Coasters that gives you a wild water slide. The water jets propel you up and down and then, you will drop down in the lazy river.  
There are thrilling water rides that include The Rapids, which is 1.6 kilometer thrilling river ride;  Zero Entry Pools will take you across the waterways, and experience a meter high tide in The Torrent. There you may feed cownose rays in shallow waters, instructors and guides will accompany you. Shark Lagoon is a pool where you will meet various colourful schools of fish, sharks and cownose rays. And Marine Educators will tell you about these wild aquatic creatures.Thus, after spending a day full of fun and excitement, we will drop you back to the hotel.

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