Visit the world’s tallest building and man-made free-standing structure.

Burj Khalifa Tour, explore Dubai with a Falcon’s eye

Burj Khalifa tour is one of the remarkable trip, high above the ground, which you will not experience any where in the world. Visit the iconic tower and observe the picturesque views of Dubai’s golden sands and blue sea waves. Iconic Dubai offers you pick and drop facilities from and to your hotel’s doorstep.

Burj Khalifa has the highest number of storyes in the world. It has 160 floors at above 828 meters from the ground while the elevator covers the longest distance in the world. This man-made free-standing structure has two observation decks at the level 124 and 148 respectively. It has apartments, hotels and offices and over one million people gathers around it in the new year’s eve to watch the spectacular fire works.

A speedy elevator brings you at the level 124 of Burj Khalifa, which is called At the Top. You may visit in the morning or evening depending upon your choice and schedule. From where you will observe Dubai’s glittering skyline through the panoramic windows. Have breathtaking and awe-inspiring 360-degree views of the glittering city under the starry sky sands, sea and Burj Al Arab.

If you want, you may have the crowning experience to visit the sky level 148, which is 555 meters above the ground. This is the world’s highest observation deck; watch, absorb and capture these unforgettable moments. This is the most incredible experience as if you are touching the sky. Observe the world below you while sitting in a luxury lounge having velvety sofas and soft cushions. You may spend half an hour there at the sky level 148.

Burj Khalifa is a landmark in the history of architecture and design. This is one-of-a-kind building, which offers you a truly flying experience through its specially designed galleries. There are telescopes to view the marvellous scenes of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. There are different multimedia presentations that tell you about this charismatic city and extraordinary tower.

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