Experience one of the most fantastic swim with the aquatic mammals.

Dubai Dolphin Show, interact, connect and swim!

Dubai Dolphin Show is the most astonishing and absorbing venture with the aquatic mammals and this incredible venture is waiting for you in Dubai. There lies an amazing planet within Dubai Dolphinarium, which is called the Dolphin Planet. Play ball, dance and swim with these playful creatures as it is the most amazing experience, which you have ever imagined. We will pick you from the hotel in a comfortable and luxury car that takes you to the Dolphin Planet.
You will see that how these grey coloured mammals rise straight above the water level in the air, this is called spy-hop. This is the way they play balls, dance and perform extraordinary acrobatics. It will be an incredible experience to meet and interact with dolphins while trainers are there to guide and help you. There are shallow and deep water interactions which are suitable for five years old children as well. Each session is limited to 6 guests so that you will enjoy this experience to the fullest.
The shallow water profound interactions are truly amazing. The water level is up to your knees and suitable for both children and adults. You can play, swim, dance and sing with these wonderful mammals.  This shallow water interaction is pefect for those who are sacred to be in deep waters. While the deep water play is more fantastic, in which you will take a belly ride by holding the fin of your lovely friend. Five years old children and above are welcome for this most astounding venture.
If you are not a swimmer and don’t want to step in the water then, Dolphin Planet also offers dry poolside interaction. There are changing rooms having showers while wetsuits, life jackets, towels and hairdryers will be provided so that you can enjoy this whole wondrous experience to the fullest. Spend unforgettable twenty minutes with dolphins, which you will cherish throughout your life. After spending time full of fun and excitement, we will drop you back to the hotel in a comfortable car.

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