Soar in the air, above the golden Arabian Desert and enjoy a unique experience

Dubai Hot Air Balloon flight, observe the golden desert in a distinct way

Dubai Hot Air Balloon is an exceptional trip in which you soar up in the air and enjoy breathtaking views of the golden Arabian Desert. We pick you from the hotel in a comfortable vehicle and move from the modern city skyline towards an immense desert. Iconic Dubai has the most professional staff who brief you all about the safety measures.

The pilot is certified and expert in his field, you enjoy your flight without any fear. We start our trip before the dawn when the red line appears in the oriental sky. Experts fill the balloon with the hot air when the sun is ready to blaze high above the Hajjar Mountains. We will soar in the azure sky and start floating in the air swiftly with the breeze. This is the most unique and wonderful experience in which you will observe the golden landscape with a bird’s eye view.

Discover the Arabian Desert where red and golden sand dunes are marked with the wind impressions. You will notice as if a sand ocean is stretched far and wide in which ships of the desert, camels are wandering. The hot air balloon will take you into the deep desert while you float in the sky and capture the eye captivating views. You fly in the sky high above the mountains for an hour, it will be an extraordinary trip with lasting memories; you can also capture the magnificent beauty in your cameras.

Our landing is another unique experience as we land in the direction of the winds, smoothly coming down with awe-inspiring moments. We will serve light refreshments upon landing so that you may enjoy sometime sitting in the golden sand which you have just observed from the top. There will be sodas, fresh fruit juices and delicious snacks.

After having mouth watering refreshments, we will drop you back to the hotel. Our friendly customer support service is available 24/7 so that you may book your trip easily whenever you need.

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