An exceptional and luxurious flying experience high above the sky.

Dubai Seaplane Tour, enjoy an ultimate luxury flight

Dubai seaplane tour will fly you high above the blue sky. You will discover this glittering land in a distinct manner, which leaves you in awe and wonder. We offer pick and drop facilities in a luxury car so that you enjoy the whole trip with comfort and ease.
The super luxury flying boat has roomy cabin, comfortable and soft leather seating, spotless windows through which you may observe the spectacular and breathtaking views of Dubai. Our incomparable five star services offer you the ultimate luxurious experience of flight with comfort. The floatplane smoothly glide over the deep blue waters and then swiftly takes off in the fresh air and azure sky of Arabia.
You will discover and observe the city of gold with a new perspective. The seaplane fly above Burj Al Arab; its sail-shaped architecture is the most extraordinary which leaves you in awe and wonder. This is the world’s most luxurious hotel having refined services. Then observe the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa from the top and notice its awe inspiring and unique architecture.
It is one-of-a-kind and adventurous ride in a flying boat, which you will never forget. See the iconic Palm Jumeirah that is the eighth wonder of the world and The World, both are the most famous and unique islands of this planet. Flying high above the city skyscrapers is an exceptional experience. These sights will leave you in amazement. You are flying above the glamorous shopping malls reflecting the sunlight, modern hotels, sunny beach and the pristine waters of Arabian Sea. Dubai does not only fascinate you in the starry night, but it equally looks brilliant in the bright afternoons.
This elegant and charismatic city captures you in it’s ambiance and you will never want to descend from the sky. The water-cum-aircraft lands in the crystal clear sea and takes you to the port. Our incomparable services and competent staff, five-star facilities and matchless comfort are waiting for you and your loved ones.

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