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Experience one of the most fantastic swim with the aquatic mammals.

Dubai Dolphin Show, interact, connect and swim!

Dubai Dolphin Show is the most astonishing and absorbing venture with the aquatic mammals and this incredible venture is waiting for you in Dubai. There is an spectacular show organised within Dubai Dolphinarium, which is called the Illusion & Dolphin & Seal Show! Watch how these playful creatures seals and dolphins play ball, dance and swim, it is the most amazing experience, which you have ever imagined. We will pick you from the hotel in a comfortable and luxury car that takes you to the Dolphin Dolphinarium.

First enjoy the thrilling and captivating display of illusions by Max. The most incredible illusionist who will leave you in great astonishment and amazement. There are adventurous escape feats while the stage is illuminated with laser lights and colours. You will enjoy this non-stop breathtaking show for 20 minutes, which is followed by the dolphins & seals show.

Watch an unbelievable performance by these jolly seals and amazing bottlenose dolphins. These creatures will leave you in awe and wonder by their wonderful acrobatics, playing ball dancing, singing, jumping and painting. You will see that how these grey coloured mammals, dolphins rise straight above the water level in the air, this is called spy-hop. There are experts who are assisting these animals throughout this wonderful show. See how the blue pool becomes alive when these creatures start their breathtaking gymnastics, swim round & round and jump high in the air .

There are six seals in Dubai Dolphinarium, they are Northern Fur Seals and South American Fur Seals. They growls and grunts underwater, and you will become excited and thrilled with these surprising noises. It will be an incredible experience to see this captivating performance by these dolphins and seals. This astounding show lasts up to 45 minutes.

You will enjoy this whole wondrous experience to the fullest and never forget. Spend unforgettable moments with dolphins, seals and an incredible performance by an illusionist for more than an hour, which you will cherish throughout your life. After spending time with full of fun and excitement, we will drop you back to the hotel in a comfortable car.