Explore the magnificent Hatta mountains and satiate your thirst from the fresh water pools.

Hatta Safari, explore the real beauty within the mountains of Hajjar

Hatta safari is a magical feast to explore the freshwater pools and thickest mountains of Hajjar. You will see the combination of ancient culture and history living within the mountains as the tour is full of thrill, fun and adventure. We offer pick and drop facilities in a luxurious 4x4 car for you and your loved ones. While our highly trained staff communicate your language so that you explore and enjoy this amazing trip with ease of understanding. It is mandatory to bring passport with you during this thrilling mountain ride.
Experience stunning beauty beyond the far stretched Arabian Desert and travel deep into the spectacular mountains of Hajjar. We move along the Hatta tracks, across the red-golden sand dunes and search wadis formed by the dry river beds. This is an incredible mountain safari in which we will drive from Hajjar to Hatta mountains and feel the awe inspiring natural beauty of winding gorges, which you notice throughout our journey.
There are landscaping wadis with spectacular scenery that you will be caught in as the charismatic beauty lull your senses. There are clear and glittering mountain pools where you can swim and refresh yourself in the fresh water. We will visit Hatta Heritage Village where history meets you and tells you the tales of gone by days. This is a village of clay, built in the sixteenth century, where former Sheikh of Hatta was resided. This ride is a combination of ancient and modern culture, because after visiting Hatta Heritage Village we will visit the Hatta Fort Hotel.
In Hatta there are two very famous markets of pottery and carpet. The intricate designs are full of beauty, which attract the tourists. Golden, maroon and black carpets represent the heritage of Arabia. Beautiful pottery elaborated with sophisticated designs capture the visitor. There you may also enjoy tasteful food and delight yourself (extra charges will apply).
You may capture these fascinating and breathtaking scenes in your cameras. This is indeed an exceptional journey where you will experience the thrill, explore history with the natural beauty of wadis and fresh water mountain pools.

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