Dive, swim and surf! Get ready for a tour to the magnificent water park.

Yas Waterworld, a park full of fun and memorable adventures

Yas Waterworld is a magnificent park, which offers so many rides, slides and exciting water adventures. It is the place where you will float, swim, dive or surf, thus one can find full water entertainment here. The waterworld is situated in the Yas Island, Abu Dhabi and it will take almost an hour to reach there from Dubai. We will pick and drop you to and from the hotel.
This majestic world is the first mega waterpark in UAE that offers five amazing and unique water rides, which you have never experienced in any other part of the world. There is an exclusive Emirati pearl diving experience that exhibits traditional culture  while this treasure hunt makes you an incredible hero. In all, there are various slides and 45 different rides in the waterworld to make yourself wet in the hot weather of UAE.
There is a wide area exclusively for children and is the biggest in the whole Middle East. A baby pool to swim, Marah Fortress, Tot’s Playground and Yehal, these are all the adventurous waterworld sports for the kids only.  There are adrenaline rush rides that provide you an ultimate experience of thrill, which you have never imagined. Bubbles’ Barrel brings the largest sheet wave, where you can do surfing; Rush Rider, Dawwama, Liwa Loop, Hamlool’s Humps and Jebel Drop are some of the famous rides.
PearlMasters is an incredible treasure hunt adventure in which you have to find the hidden pearl. It is an interactive game which you can play with your friend or if you prefer enter the land alone. There you will encounter with fire water cannons, magical creatures and solve puzzles to reach your lost pearl.
There are other fantastic adventures as well, which includes Falcon’s Falaj, Serpent Spin, Slither Alley, Slither Surprise and Snake’s Tail. There is a longest suspended roller coaster called Bandit Bomber that gives you real thrill of adventure as well as Sebag gives you a chance to race with your friends.

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